Anthony Von

Anthony Von is a singer/songwriter hailing from Toronto, Canada, with a rich musical journey spanning over 24 years in the industry.

His music embodies a fusion of “Memphis meets Nashville” styles. It is infused with his love for country music, blues, and a fresh mix of throwback elements from the 1960s and 1970s, along with influences from the 90s and modern country. This unique blend creates a distinctive sound that only Von can deliver, captivating audiences both in Canada and the United States.

Von’s musical talents have seen him charting on the Country Music Row charts with his debut single “I’m Going to Memphis” and receiving national acclaim for his holiday track “I’m Coming Home for Christmas.” Beyond chart success, he has also been recognized with numerous festival awards and has actively contributed to a wide variety of charitable causes in his spare time. With a strong presence on television and radio, Anthony has garnered a large and devoted fan base worldwide. He is well known for his electrifying live performances that leave audiences yearning for more.


“A Great day is waking up in the morning knowing that you are loved, having faith in God, and hearing a damn good country song.”

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